Friday, 31 May 2013

No 13 - Ooh! La! La!

Ooh! La! La!
Me looking cute.
     Guess where I am? I'm in the south of France. Everyone is making a big fuss of me, it's wonderful! I am zee little French girl. I am an International Star!
      I came here on a huge bird thingy called a plane.
So I am now a world traveller, It was ever so exciting. 
     Some days I go to visit my wonderful Grande Mama, She says she wants to keep me. I think I'll stay a while.
        Sometimes my Grand Papa and Mami Yvette take me for walks around their garden to see the tomatoes and flowers.
     I'm glad daddy taught me some French before we came, because no one speaks English or Chinese or BabyTalk here.
     I am off to see daddy's aunts and uncles this afternoon, I wonder what they will be like and what new things I will see. 
     I could get used to being a foreigner. I think I'll be a global traveller when I grow up, I could then just call in to see lots of people and make them happy. May I visit you?
See you later
Bye for now,
Au revoir.
PS What do you think of my French bonnet


Sunday, 12 May 2013

No 12 - Another surprise!

Hello everyone,
    I'm sorry I have not written much recently, but I have been a bit grumpy lately.
    What with mummy covering me up with too many clothes to stop me scratching my eczema, and my gums being very sore and stopping me from eating too well.  
    I have not been a happy camper.
    Anyway, it all became too much for me the other night, so I buried my head under the pillow until I fell asleep.
    And guess what?
    I woke up the next morning and found that the sun was shining, and the Tooth Fairy had called during the night.
    She left me with two new teeth.
    Isn't that great news?
I'm going to be quite musical
    Although I know all the words, I can't speak proper grown-up talk yet, so I told Daddy my good news by biting his finger.
    That surprised him!
    I think I will put my head under the pillow every night until I get all my teeth delivered. And when I do, I'll give everyone the biggest and bestest smile in the world.
    I am eight months old, have two teeth and bright eyes. But I still have the Mohican hairstyle, I really must get mummy to do something about that. 
    I am off to a party in Portsmouth today to see Hanh and Francis,
    I must go, I have to get ready.
   Bye for now.
   Your loving friend

Saturday, 20 April 2013

No 11 - Fun days out

Hello Everyone,
     I am so excited, Mummy took me to the Paulton's Fun Park last week and I went for lots of rides on cars and trains and bubbles that went up and down and round and round. It was so good. 
     We went with other boys and girls from Canada who were visiting Aunty Jean. They were bigger than me so they went on the big dippers and into the splash pool and all sorts of things. I'm going on the splash pool when I am older, I don't think mummy will though because she is a little bit afraid, but I'm not.
     Uncle Roy showed me parrots and owls and other birds whose names I can't remember. There was a dinosaur too, that kept waving its head at me and grunting. Silly old thing!
     I have also been with my friend Sophie to see tons of animals at the Marwell Zoo, there was too much to see, so we are going back again another day. Sophie and her mummy and daddy are coming to visit us on Sunday for lunch. her big brother is coming too.
That's all for now.
Have a sunny week-end,

Saturday, 30 March 2013

No 10 - Walk in the woods

     Yesterday, Mummy and Daddy, Uncle Roy and Aunty Jean decided to take me on my first countryside ramble. Uncle Roy picked a daffodil for me - I think he's a romantic at heart.
     If I were twenty years older, I think I might flirt with him.
    We went through many fields, along many muddy paths and through lots of 'kissing gates' - they had to lift me and my stroller over them and aunty Jean kept kissing me.
     Eventually we came to a clearing in an enchanted forest where we found a magical pool with pure water bubbling from the ground.  We stood and looked around for fairies and wizards, but mummy said it was too cold for them to come out. So we returned over all the 'kissing gates', and got covered in mud again.
    We went to a nice pub for lunch to celebrate my becoming 6 months old - In China I am one and half years old because over there I am one year old when I am born.
     In May, we are all going to France to see Grand Pappa on his birthday, I will be his birthday present. I hope he likes me!
Oh dear! I've just had a whoopsi.
Must go.
Love from Amelie. 

Monday, 18 March 2013

No 9 - Food, Food, glorious food

       Well it has happened three weeks earlier than we expected, I am eating solid food, real food, proper food, it's a bit mushy, but it is food.
       I'm eating mashed-up carrots, sweet-potatoes, stewed apples, and other stuff. 
I am not too keen on avocado, I think that is a bit yucky, a real screw-up-my-face type yucky,   probably an acquired taste - best with mayonnaise and prawns - but let's not rush things eh!
      Mummy took me to the park yesterday to see the daffodils and birds. Those birds are wonderful; they fly in the sky, how do they do it?  I think I'll be a bird when I grow up.
      My passport arrived today, I'm British! It looks very impressive, if I were a bird I could fly off to see my Grand Mama in France for the week-end. That would surprise her! It would surprise me too. perhaps we'll go later.
    I have a little problem; my hair won't lay down. I have a bad-hair-day every day, Mummy tries to brush it flat, but up it pops again, perhaps I should have a perm or something, I want hair like my friend Sophie, she has nice hair. Daddy says it is sticking up for fine weather, but it rains every day. What's a girl to do?
    Must go, it's bath-time again.
    See you soon,
    Love from 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

No 8 - Five months old

Hello everyone,
     Big News today! I am five months old. Yippee! Just another month to go and I shall be able to stop hanging out at the milkbar and start raiding the fridge or pinching nibbles from daddy's plate. I can't wait.
      All the big people celebrated my special day with a visit to a Chinese restaurant, Aunt Cindy and Uncle Andy were there.
     I had another big 'first' today too, my legs straightened out and I stood on Uncle Roy's lap for nearly 30 seconds, I can't remember how I did it, but I shall try again tomorrow.
       Everyone says I have beautiful black hair, like mummy and Aunty Cindy. Uncle Andy doesn't have any hair at all, maybe they didn't give him any because he was a naughty boy when he was young, I met a lady the other day who had white hair, perhaps she had seen a ghost' When I grow up I hope I am very rich and can buy some gold hair like Uncle Roy's. 
    And guess what! I am going to have my own passport soon, The first place I shall go to when it arrives will be to see my Grand Papa and Grand Mama in France. I bet they will be surprised to see how big I am. I wonder if they will speak like daddy. My French isn't very good yet, but I'll understand them a little bit.

Well, that is all for now.
Au revoir mon amis.
Amelie x x x 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

No 7 - Sitting up

My mum took me to a party last weekend and guess who was there?  my friend Sophie, she was walking all by herself, I was so envious, I can't wait to do that. I'm already sitting, but it is a bit wobbly.
     Yesterday we all went to the Pub with Aunty Jean and Uncle Roy and that is where I had the photo taken with Mummy - we are looking pretty aren't we?
      I learned something new today; my name is Amelie, Dad says it's a French name, but it is also English and Chinese, because 'A' means one in English and Melie is Chinese for beautiful. So there you are, I am all mixed up and enjoying it.
      I'll write some more later.
      Love from Amelie